Staying calm and well – 7 steps from Spa expert

Fear and anxiety around uncertainty are hard to handle and getting caught up in things beyond your control can stress you out. More than ever, are you feeling the need to have a spa break?

Setting up your home spa will help you stay calm and well, follow my easy 7 steps:

Creating Home Spa (3 steps)

  1. Bathroom/Shower

In a spa setting, heat facilities such as steam and sauna is an important part of the journey, not only to clam the mind but also to release tension and open the pores. Your bathroom or shower can do exactly that, allowing the products to work much more effectively by increasing absorption.

2.  Relaxation Lounge

A relaxation lounge is the place to either get into a calm frame of mind before treatment or enjoy the soporific effects of a great therapy post-treatment. You can use your living room, study room or balcony – as long as you can sit quietly with fresh air and natural light.

3.  Amenities

Crystals such as amethyst are known to have healing effects while candles are always helpful to slow down your mood along with other spa ‘ingredients’ such as music or an essential oil burner to transform the mundane bathroom into a place of well-being.

Creating a Spa Journey (4 steps)

Like a good story, a good Spa journey should have a beginning, middle and end. Do not rush into ‘spa treatment’ without taking a moment to breathe, or rush back to your work as soon as you end the treatment. And in between keeping your objective clear why this time is needed will give you a great experience you deserve.

Following Spa Journey requires 60-100 minutes of your time dedicated for yourself, without any disturbance. It is great to enjoy it before your bedtime to enhance your deep sleep or in the morning to begin the day completely fresh.

1.  Relaxation Lounge (10-20 minutes)

Detaching yourself from the hustle and bustle of a hectic lifestyle is not as easy as one thinks, but has a profound effect on the spa journey. Prepare yourself by switching off your phone, sip non-caffeinated calming tea like camomile or herbal infusion. Take a moment to think about how you wish to feel after the journey: totally relaxed and have a great night sleep? Energised and ready to face an important day ahead? Visualise best of yourself is the beginning of the successful spa journey.

2.  Body Skin Brushing (5 minutes)

Skin brushing is a simple yet very effective way to support the natural process of detoxification as it stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. It also removes dead skin cells and encourages new cells to grow.

Learn the simple method of effective skin brushing here:

2. Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub (5 minutes to prepare, 5 minutes to apply)


1 cup Himalayan Pink Salt or Mineral Sea Salt⁠
1/2 cup Jojoba oil (alternatively Avocado oil is beneficial for matured skin)⁠
1 capsule of vitamin E (optional, to prolong the shelflife)⁠
80 drops of an essential mixture of:⁠
-20 drops Sandalwood⁠
-35 drops Rose⁠
-25 drops Jasmine⁠
⁠After rinsing with a warm shower, gently massage the body in a circular motion clockwise, soak in the bathtub if available.

3. Bathing Ritual (15-25 minutes)

Bathing every day for 15 minutes in hot water is as effective as having a massage once a week.

4. Relaxation Lounge (10-20 minutes)

Have a glass of room-temperature water to flush out the toxins from your body. Take the time to enjoy the moment – a few minutes of meditation is a great way to end your spa journey.

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