Simple Home Spa Rituals You Can Start Today

The skincare these days can be a bit overwhelming. There are countless routines shared around the internet. Some say less is more, while others include nearly twelve steps. Whether you are a fan of simple skincare or feel that your skin responds better to multiple steps, sometimes our products only sit on the surface of our skin.  If the products do not sink into you’re your skin, they cannot work properly.

That is where these simple home spa rituals come into play. They will not take up much more of your time, and the results are astounding.

Incorporating these simple home spa techniques into your routine will increase the skin’s ability to soak up your products. Therefore, your skincare will become more effective. These techniques also help to encourage well-being by bringing the mind and body to a harmonious balance. So, set aside a little time for your home spa journey with the following facial therapies and experience an instant glowing complexion.

Here is one of the rituals I shared in my book Beauty Confidential – Build Your Happiness, Health and Beauty with Homemade Skincare Products and Home Spa.

Facial steam

A facial steam is a simple, yet effective, home therapy that can be customised to treat each skin type. Not only does a facial steam aid in deep cleaning by opening the pores, but it also stimulates blood circulation and improves the complexion. Regular steam will be beneficial in restoring the skin’s natural ability to cleanse and restore. However, keep in mind that it is not recommended for sun damaged skin. The heat can further damage the already sensitive skin.


  • 1 litre Boiling water
  • 1 tsp Dry teas or herbs (3~4 types) or 20 drops Essential oils (1~3 types)

Try the following teas and herbs, either alone or mixed together:

  • Green tea: antioxidant rich and collagen-boosting
  • Pu’erh: invigorating morning steam
  • Raspberry leaf: cleansing and soothing
  • Thyme: healing and antiseptic making it a great choice for acne prone skin

Choose your preferred essential oils for their powerful efficacies and pleasing scents:

  • Clary sage: for regulating sebum production in oily skin types
  • Jasmine: for dry and irritated skin
  • Tea tree: beneficial for clearing acne prone skin
  • Rose damask: hydrating and regenerating, helpful for mature skin
    Breath in and Relax during Facial Steam


1.Wash your skin thoroughly with your face wash (or try homemade castile soap face wash) and towel dry.

2.Boil the liquid with herbs; steep for 5 minutes. Alternatively use tincture or essential oils into boiled water.

3.Place a wide motif of infused herbs in a stable place where you can sit comfortably for 10 minutes.

Step7: Reuse the water for your plants

4.Drape a large bath towel over your head, shoulders and the steaming herb pot to create a tent.

5.Close your eyes and hold your face 20–30 cm away from the edge of the pot to avoid burning your skin.

6.Breathe deeply and relax.

7.You may reuse the herbal water to bathe or water your plants.

Towel Compress

If your skin is looking a bit dull due to lack of sleep or indulging in one too many cocktails, try towel compresses. You can stimulate your facial muscles by alternating warn and cold towel compresses. When the skin looks dull or dehydrated, towel compresses will help to wake it up. Just keep in mind that essential oils are not recommended when using towel compresses. Avoid using essential oils directly on skin.


  1. Step1

    Make 1 cold and 1 hot towel and apply to the face in turn.

  2. Remember to always start with a warm towel, covering the whole face for a few seconds and then moving to the back of the neck.
  3. Use pressure point massage to release any excess water on the face.
  4. Repeat the same process with a cold towel. 




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