Think of the skin as a muscle that can be trained to stay fit and firm, just like our body. For the well-trained and toned body, simple fashion is beautiful. On the other hand, for the overweight and unfit body, dressing up to cover unwanted flaws is not so beautiful. The same goes for the skin—by training the skin to bring out its natural ability to glow, you will find that a basic and simple make-up will be the best option. Through muscle stimulation, we can re-educate the skin muscle to prevent premature ageing or improve skin elasticity. Gentle stroking can also encourage detoxification and helps to minimise signs of ageing such as wrinkles and pigments. Regular facial massage therefore works to reinforce the skin’s natural protective mechanism and help the skin regain its radiance.

Our body is said to renew itself in 28 days, so try this for at least one month to see visible results. Your home facial should also include the ears, neck, and head as part of the complete care for the upper body.


A morning massage may sound daunting at first when most of us would rather have a few extra minutes to sleep. This simple massage, however, is done while lying in bed and takes just a few minutes. In no time it will become your daily routine as you will feel fresher when getting up—it is an effective way to get your blood circulating in your body. You do not need any product for the facial portion. Repeat each movement 4–8 times.


1. Wake up the body from toes to hands, move feet upward and downward. Open and shut hands.
2. Stretch the arms and take a deep breath. Hold elbows and stretch to the opposite side.
3. Place your calf on the knee of your other leg and gently stroke upwards and downwards.
4. Open your legs. Use the heel of each foot to massage the sole of the other foot. Twist with one leg up.
5. Gently press on these 5 points for 8 seconds each using your middle fingers with mid to strong pressure – temples, head of eyebrows, below eyes, end of lips and below ears.

GOOD NIGHT FACIAL (4-6 minutes)

After cleansing, spare a few minutes to take care of the skin and prepare for a good rest. This makes a visible difference that will last for the next few days. Beyond the physical level, it is also a lovely daily ritual to delight the skin with gratitude.

Always start by warming up using 1 tbsp. of your massage oil in your palms and applying the oil on your face and neck. Use both middle fingers and the thick part of the palms, towards the thumbs, with medium to strong pressure. Throughout the facial, look straight at the mirror. Repeat each movement three times.


1. Run both hands from the temple of your head, along the ears, down to the lymph nodes to activate your lymphatic system.
2. Using your middle fingers, press the chin for 5 seconds firmly, then gently slide up above the lips, then gently circle around the nose. Move up by the nose bone, ending beside the eyes.
3. Repeat the lymph movement as in no. 1.
4. Using two fingers, make a scissors shape, slide the fingers up from the chin towards both ears. Hold for 8 seconds.
5. Using your palms towards the thumbs, starting from both ends of the lips, slowly slide up to the ears. Hold for 6 seconds.
6. Repeat the lymph movement as in no. 1.
7. Using your palms towards the thumbs, starting from the side of the nose, slowly slide up around the cheekbones to the temple. Hold for 6 seconds.
8. Using two middle fingers, press with moderate pressure the following points upwards and hold for 6 seconds on each point: Eyes, nose, cheeks, eyebrows, under the eyes.
9. Using your tongue, massage inside the mouth around the laugh lines on both sides.
10. Repeat the lymph movement as no. 1.
11. Using the 3 middle fingers, gently stroke the forehead vertically.