Daily purification and nurturing of skin, together with a healthy lifestyle (Lifestyle), will generally prevent skin problems. Homemade products work gently for long-term results, treating the early signs of problems rather than acute problems. That is why prevention and early detection is the key for the common skin problems listed in this section: Acne, pigmentation, and premature ageing.


♦ Make-up Remover 50 ml

50 ml Apricot kernel oil

5 drops German chamomile essential oil 

♦ Balancing Cleansing Milk 150 ml

Ingredients A:

10 ml Apricot kernel oil

15 ml Jojoba oil

5 g Emulsifier

1 g Beeswax

Ingredients B:

35 ml Rose water

35 ml Aloe vera juice

30 ml Distilled water

2 g Xanthan gum

2 drops Grapefruit essential oil

♦ Lavender Wash 300 ml

Great for sensitive acne-prone skin. Gentle enough and suitable for day and night wash.

120 ml Unscented liquid castile soap

100 ml Rose water

70 ml Witch hazel

5 drops Lavender infused oil

♦ Oat Cleanser (good for 10 uses)

55 g Oatmeal

35 g White clay

The following recipes nurture skin that is prone to acne:

♦ Herbal Mist 500 ml

450 ml Aloe vera juice

50 ml Witch hazel

3 drops German chamomile

2 ml Honey

♦ Acne Treatment Lotion (1~2 time use)

This recipe helps reduce inflammation on acne skin without any side effects.

50 g Cabbage leaves or apple or beetroot (raw)

50 ml Witch hazel

1 drop Lemon essential oil


  1. Blend cabbage (or apple or beetroot) with witch hazel and strain.
  2. Add essential oil.
  3. Use gauze to soak in the thick liquid.
  4. Apply to affected areas as needed.

♦ Acne-prone Mask 100g (good for 10 uses)

Cypress is antiseptic and astringent, while propolis combats acne.

70 g White clay

10 g Propolis

20 g Konnyaku powder

1 drop Cypress essential oil per usage

♦ Yogurt Mask

2 tbsp. unsweetened yogurt (preferably Greek as it stays on the skin better)

Pre-holed gauze to cover the entire face


Pigmentation is not always caused by external factors but is usually the result of three factors: Physical, physiological, and emotional. It is far more effective to focus on prevention in the case of pigmentation rather than treatment or at least to seek a cure as soon as the pigmentation becomes visible. Sunscreens are necessary to fight photodamage caused by UV radiation. However, the safety and efficacy of many sunscreen ingredients are still in question.6 Certain chemical agents (e.g. benzophenone and similar compounds) commonly found in sunscreens have been proven to increase the risk of cancer.Because sunscreens act in different ways—they block, reflect and/or scatter sun rays, many cosmetic products include sunscreening agents to provide photoprotection. The recipes introduced here are to prevent, protect, and treat pigmentation in a safe and natural way.

These recipes for purifying are most beneficial for pigmented skin:

♦ Make-up Remover 50 ml

20 ml Grapeseed oil

5 ml Green tea tincture (add 25ml almost boiling water to disperse alcohol)

♦ Make-up Remover 50 ml

50 ml Apricot kernel oil

3 drops German chamomile essential oil 

♦ Whitening Cleansing Milk 150 ml

Ingredients A:

15 ml Jojoba oil

10 ml Grapeseed oil

5 g Mango butter

3 g Emulsifier

1 g Beeswax

Ingredients B:

65 ml Distilled water

5 ml Chamomile tincture (add 40 ml almost boiling water to evaporate alcohol)

1 g Xanthan gum

5 drops Lemon essential oil

♦ Green Tea Wash 300 ml

200 ml Unscented liquid castile soap

10 ml Green tea tincture (add 80 ml almost boiling water to evaporate alcohol)

1 tsp. Coconut oil

5 drops Lavender essential oil

The following recipes nurture pigmented skin:

♦ Herbal Mist 500 ml

450 ml Aloe vera juice

8 ml Liquorice tincture (add 40ml almost aloe vera juice to disperse alcohol)

3 drops German chamomile essential oil

2 ml Glycerine

Variations (tincture)

• Green tea

♦ After-Sun Mask 100g (10 times usage)

Use this once a week or when you have had more sun exposure than usual.

50 g White clay

50 g Green tea powder

1 drop German chamomile essential oil per usage

Aloe vera juice or cucumber juice to make paste

♦ Face Oil 25ml

20 ml Jojoba oil

5 ml Evening primrose oil

3 drops Geranium essential oil


If you are not exposed to casual sunlight, then powders can be appropriate for daily wear by reflecting the sun’s rays. It should be noted, however, that powder can cause uneven photoprotection as it does not provide an even film over the faceSo it is important to spread it across the covered areas as evenly as possible. See Powder Foundation in the later section.


The word anti-ageing itself does not go with the natural and holistic philosophy because ageing surely is a natural process that nobody can reverse.

The first thing to understand is that ageing signs, whether wrinkles or sagging of the skin, will not be eliminated naturally without medical intervention; again prevention becomes the key. Protect your skin intelligently from dehydration and UV rays before the ageing process starts, ideally during your 20s and 30s. Your lifestyle will eventually have an effect on how your skin looks at the later stages of life. Not only your nutrition and regular exercise but also your expression and posture contribute to defying the ageing process. No matter what you do, you can only minimise the process, so the goal is not to look younger but look your best at every age.


Here are some recipes for purifying that are helpful for defying ageing:

♦ Antioxidant Cleansing Milk 110ml

Ingredients A:

10 ml Avocado oil

10 ml Jojoba oil

5 g Mango butter

3 g Stearic Acid

1 g Beeswax

Ingredients B:

40 ml Rose water

35 ml Distilled water

2 ml Glycerine

1 g Xanthan gum

1 g Cream of tartar

1 capsule of Vitamin E

5 drops Patchouli essential oil

♦ Green Tea Wash 300 ml

200ml Unscented liquid castile soap

10ml Green tea tincture (alcohol free)

1 tsp. Avocado oil

♦ Collagen Oat Cleanser 100 g

45 g Oatmeal

35 g White clay

20 g Soybean (Kinako powder)

Variations (powder)

• Azuki

• Rice bran

Try the following recipes to nurture age-defying skin:

♦ Regenerating Pomegranate and Neroli Cream 130 ml

Ingredient A:

15 ml Avocado oil

10 ml Jojoba oil

4 g Cocoa butter

4 g Mango butter

3 g Emulsifier

2 g Honey

Ingredient B:

60 ml Rose water

20 ml Pomegranate glycerine tincture

3 ml Honey

3 g French red

2 g Xanthan gum

4 ml Argan oil

1 capsule Vitamin E

4 drops Neroli essential oil

♦ Regenerating Myrrh Mask 50g (5 times usage)

30 g French red

20 g White clay

1 capsule Propolis powder

1 drop Myrrh essential oil per usage (contraindicated during pregnancy)

Milk to mix

Variations (essential oil)

• Vetiver or Patchouli for regenerating

• Rose damask for mature, dry, and wrinkled skin

♦ Regenerating Rosehip Treatment Oil 25ml

20 ml Avocado oil

5 ml Rosehip (Night use only due to oxidisation in the sun)


5 ml Argan oil

1 drop Frankincense essential oil

1 drop Carrot seed essential oil

♦ Yogurt Mask

2 tbsp. Unsweetened yogurt (preferably Greek as it stays on the skin better)

Gauze (pre-holed around eyes, nose and mouth)

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