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Founded in 2019, JOJOMOKA Homemade Skincare is the most reliable source for your holistic skincare. 

Meet Tomoka

I left my home country of Japan to study for my degree in London. After graduating, I worked in Bali and that is where I discovered my passion for Spa & Wellness for the first time. In the midst of the rapid growth of the industry in Asia, my fondest memory is of the traditional Balinese house where sarong-clad women were busy in their kitchens cooking body scrubs and massage oils. We used fresh herbs and edible ingredients, pounding and grinding the fresh mixture each day. In 2010 I started experimenting my own personal care products in my kitchen.

I am a certified Aromatherapist and use my professional background in anatomy and physiology, spa cuisine, perfumery, and cosmetic formulation when creating safe and effective products in my kitchen. I also work as a senior consultant to curate wellness concept, wellness programme and treatment menu and oversee the operations for some global wellness brands.

How it all evolved..

Ever since I started blending my own skincare, I was amazed by the efficacy – physically and emotionally. Thinking back, the making of something for myself made me think about my wellbeing, spared the time for myself and gradually helped me be happier and healthier.  

In the same way, I love creating safe and effective products for my children, my husband, my parents and friends. It is a wonderful way to establish connection with your loved ones as you select the ingredients and customise recipes to suit each person. And making of products can be so much fun and educational for children. 

Writing a complete guide to homemade skincare, ‘Beauty Confidential’ then came almost naturally, this is simply too good to keep just for myself.

Asian Wellness Culture

My inspiration comes from my childhood memories in my home country, Japan – deeply rooted wellness culture, contemplative lifestyle, traditional therapies and wild herbs for beauty regimen – much of them were taught by my grandmother who was a tea master. 

I also gain much knowledge about natural remedies and wellness rituals in other parts of Asia while living in Indonesia (where I spent nearly 10 years), Thailand, and now in Singapore. There are so many best-kept secrets unknown to the rest of the world worthwhile sharing!