Is your cleansing really working?

I must agree with many beauty bloggers on how important cleansing is in achieving and maintaining healthy skin.  It is so important that your skin can breathe and work with its natural ability to regenerate skin. The longer you allow your skin to breathe and rest, the better. But ‘clean’ skin does not mean clinically stripping off everything. What we want to achieve is a more ‘purified’ skin, like the natural spring water which runs through limestone – healthy, pure and natural.

I introduced this simple cleansing technique in my book Beauty Confidential – Build your Happiness, Health and Beauty with Homemade Skincare Products and Home Spa. The idea is to let the skin work hard enough to train (or regain) its natural ability to cleanse so that eventually we no longer need strong cleanser.

Beauty Confidential cleansing steps:

  1. Wash your hands with soap. The cleanser should clean your face and not your hands.
  2. If you are wearing heavy make-up and need to use an oil-based make-up remover, follow steps 2–5. If not, skip those steps and start with step 6.
  3. Wash dust and toxins with water and pat dry. This step is optional. The air is polluted, and while there is very little we can do to make a change immediately, there is a lot we can do to minimise the negative effects. A great and easy technique is to wipe away the toxins before they penetrate your skin, and you can do this by spraying your face and dampening your skin, then patting it dry before using your daily cleanser. Remember, there are tiny molecules that can damage your skin over a long period of time if it is rubbed every day; hence, this practice will pay off in the long term.
  4. Do not rub your skin when removing make-up. This is to avoid the unwanted substances penetrating into the skin, but also to avoid damaging the top layer of skin. Too vigorous movement is one of the common causes of skin sensitivity, fine lines and even pigmentation.
  5. Wipe off gently with warm, wet organic cotton.
  6. Wash your hands again.
  7. Foam the soap as much as possible. Washing the skin with the foam of soap prevents unwanted pressure. A foaming sponge is useful, but it must be stored hygienically. Again, do not rub, but instead use the palms and fingers, and wash gently from the centre towards the outer parts of the face, low to high and left to right.

How to choose the right cleanser:

Amongst all the choices of cleansing soaps, the best choice is a simple straight-forward one. If a product claims to leave your skin moist, nurture, etc, suspect the motive. The basic ingredients of any cleanser are more or less the same (yes!), but to market the product as a premium luxury item, many companies spend money on expensive fragrance, packaging, etc. Not only do you not need any other function than good cleansing, those materials may be damaging to your skin.  

Find out how easily and economically you can create safe yet effective Facial cleanser here.

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