Ingredients from Kitchen (A to Z)

This is the main ingredient group to explore in the making of truly sustainable skincare products in your kitchen. In Asia, food and beauty products are often interchangeable, and roughly half the ingredients in most dishes are used in a traditional beauty regimen. The reason why we should use food for our skincare products is obviously for safety because food ingredients are far more regulated than cosmetic ingredients. In addition, they are biodegradable and both our bodies and the Earth know how to process them.

Grains, Beans and Seeds

Grains, beans, and seeds make great exfoliants, face washes, masks, and can be used as fillers or thickeners. They are usually easily sourced in grocery shops too. The following are found to be effective when applied topically:

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are not only an excellent source of many nutrients. Some raw fruits and vegetables can be used for home spa treatments, while dried versions can be made into tincture and infused oil, which can then be used to make creams and lotions. Some can also be used as colorants for make-up products when freeze-dried.

Herbs, Botanical Extracts, and Spices

Plants, flowers, and marine extracts contain phytochemicals that can be beneficial to our skin. In homemade products, we can control the amount of these useful extracts to make them truly effective. Plants, flowers, and marine extracts make great tincture and infused oils which can be used in creams and lotions.

Other Edible Ingredients