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How I save US$2,700 every year with homemade products

The beauty industry is huge!  One source states that the cosmetic industry alone totalled “revenues worth USD 460 billion in 2014, which is anticipated to reach USD 675 billion by 2020.”

And that is supported by the average woman spending US$164,000 on beauty products over the course of her lifetime, which equals to US$65 every week, according to another study.

I cannot help but point out why cosmetic manufacturing is considered one of the most profitable businesses – and why ultimately we spend too much money on beauty potions, and how we can stop this cycle!

  1. Manufacturing equipment and machines cost relatively little.
  2. Raw materials are inexpensive and produce high margins, with material costs being as low as 2% (the main ingredient of conventional cosmetics by large is water).
  3. It’s all about marketing (one of the two main areas on which cosmetic companies spend most of their budgets, the other being expensive packaging).  Cosmetic products can easily be marketed as premier luxury products.

On the contrary, homemade products can be made inexpensively, and along with all the other great benefits, you won’t be spending your money on large sums of money that go to marketing, the design of bottles or hiring a supermodel to promote the product.

Many people are surprised to find that making a luxurious and effective product costs relatively little compared to products on the market. To demonstrate just how little you can spend when you opt to make your own products, here are a few cost breakdowns:

Body Sugar Scrub 250 g

Container: $0 (recycled jar)

Ingredients: $3

Total: $3

Solid Perfume 15 g

Container: $0 (recycled pill case)

Ingredients: $.14

Total: $1.4

In my personal experience, by saying goodbye to overly-marketed beauty products and simplifying my beauty regiment with safe homemade products, I saved at least 80% on my average spending – that’s US$2,704 a year!

Super Easy Homemade Skincare eBook is available for free. Sign-up here.

Find out more reasons why we should turn into homemade skincare here

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