Homemade Skincare Recipes – 3 Spritzer your Skin will Love this Summer

Welcome summer! I just arrived in my hometown in Japan after traveling half a day. My family and I will go tracking in the mountains outside Kyoto city and savour some seasonal local food in farm house! Through the journey in this hot weather (did you know Kyoto is one of the hottest cities in Japan?) there is one homemade skincare product that I dare not miss – face spritzer is always in my handbag.

Face spritzer lightly removes excess perspiration and sebum, and prevents the skin from drying under the sun. It is also particularly recommended for those who live in a city with high air pollution. The effect of essential oils also helps to refresh the mood and uplift the energy.

At home, spritz the skin after face wash to softens the skin making it easy for moisturisers to penetrate.

My 3 favourite Face Spritzers

Try some of these easy recipes. They take just a few minutes to prepare.

  1. Refreshing Aloe and Grapefruit Mist

Refreshing and awakening; a great companion with gym gear or as a summertime refresher.

350 ml Aloe vera juice

150 ml Witch hazel

2 ml Glycerine or Honey

3 drops Grapefruit essential oil

  1. Astringent Rose and Jasmine Toner

An effective astringent with lovely floral scents, suitable for mature skin.

300 ml Rose water

200 ml Witch hazel

2 ml Glycerine or Honey

4 drops Jasmine essential oil

  1. pH Balancing Toner

For the skin to combat dryness and infections, pH balance is important. This gentle astringent can restore the pH level naturally with daily use. Be aware that lemon essential oil is photosensitive; hence, it is for night use only.

440 ml Distilled water

50 ml Apple cider vinegar

5 drops Lemon essential oil


  1. In a glass pitcher, pour the liquid, glycerine, and honey. Stir well.

  2. Add the choice of essential oil and stir.

  3. Pour into a spritzer.

How to Use

Shake well each time before use. Keep refrigerated during summertime for a refreshing experience.

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