Homemade Face Powder to build Healthy Skin

Would you still wear heavy make-up to even-up the skin tone and hide imperfection, if you know that this is causing many skin problems?

Spiral of maximalist beauty products

Heavy foundation and concealers is where it starts this negative spiral in most cases with skin problems:

  1. Heavy foundation and concealers –> 2. Strong face cleanser to remove it –> 3. Typically strong face cleanser remove natural oils and ability to renew the cells –> 4. Your skin may feel dry –> 5. Indulging in face masks and elixir –> 6. Dependency on beauty products …. back to –> 1. Heavy foundation…

I know it is tough to give up foundation and concealer. When I finally had the courage to give-up many beauty products lining up on my cabinet, and convert into truly natural and simple beauty regimen, this natural face powder was a real saviour.

Cocoa has powerful antioxidant property

This powder foundation helps you achieve an even colour and blends effortlessly while lightly filtering the sun’s rays. But why it ‘builds’ healthy skin is because of these three key ingredients: Cocoa powder, Cornstarch or Arrowroot. Cocoa has a powerful antioxidant property and helps repair damaged skin while regenerating new skin cells. It is also a bronze colorant. Cornstarch protects the skin and treats minor skin irritation (that is why paediatricians often recommend using cornstarch for diaper rash), while arrowroot soothes and heals irritated skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

The confidence you gain through this daily practice of ‘less is more’ will reward you and reflect on your natural beauty.

Powder Foundation 50–120g


3–6 tbsp. Arrowroot powder or cornstarch

1–2 tbsp. Cocoa powder

A pinch of Cinnamon, French green, and French red to adjust the tone


Blend 1 tbsp. of arrowroot powder and 1 tbsp. of cocoa powder.

Adjust the tone by adding arrowroot powder and any of the colorants according to your skin tone.

Store in a cosmetic shifter or a glass jar with a smaller top, just enough for the brush to go in.

How to Use

Lightly dip a soft make-up brush, dispersing the excess powder. Apply the powder clockwise from chin to top.

  • Annatto (orange)

  • Cinnamon (bronze)

  • Cocoa powder (earthy)

  • Chlorophyll (bright green)

  • French red (orange pink)

  • Beetroot (bright pink)

  • Strawberries (light red)

  • Raspberries (dark red)

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