Home spa – 5 tips to enhance productivity when working from home.

If you are finally getting used to working relatively long hours from home, you may think the idea of relaxing spa is counterproductive as you try to stick to a stringent work schedule. And what is the idea of Home Spa anyway?

In recent years the spa & wellness industry started to recognise the need to create a balance between the pursuit of wellness and the need to work. The idea is to create a space where one can focus on work, to attain the level of clear thinking and creativity in the relaxed setting, at the same time one can immerse into personal health and wellbeing*. Very much like how you may have set up your home office, but by incorporating some elements from the spa environment that can have a profound effect on creativity and productivity.

What is Home Spa?

Of course, you aren’t going to build a spa or a gym in your home, nor invest in massage bed or steam. In fact, you will not even need a dedicate room or space. Rather, we are taking the ideas of home spa from the experiential aspect which one can incorporate easily and inexpensively into the home environment. It is about the ambience that calms you immediately as you step into a spa, little trick therapists use to prepare your mind to start your spa journey, and many more little details harmoniously working one another to create a complete experience.

1. Music

Music is indispensable in a spa environment, not only for the guests but also for spa therapists during the treatments. Studies reveal that not only are humans hardwired for music but also no other stimulus positively activates so many regions of the human brain with unique powers to boost mood and memory*. Some research suggests the positive effect of music in increased work performance such as tasks been completed more quickly and better ideas created than those who didn’t overall. Classic music, nature music and epic music are amongst those are said to increase productivity.

2. Infuse Lemon essential oil

Do you know why you are almost instantly made to calm down stepping into your favourite spa? That is the effect of aromatherapy. One of the most effective essential oil to increase concentration is lemon. Lemon oil is reported to have high vibrations which can lift the spirits and overcome mental fatigue. Studies in Japan found that when dispersed through the room, lemon oil reduced typing errors by 54%**.

Use a quality diffuser, alternatively a few drops on a tissue and you can sniff. Read the general guideline in using essential oils here.

3. Spa spritzer

A refreshing face mist can help hydrate your skin throughout working hours but also help pick-up your energy to focus. Try this refreshing and awakening Spa spritzer with aloe and grapefruit:

Ingredients (500ml)

350 ml Aloe vera juice

150 ml Witch hazel

2 ml Glycerine

2 ml Honey

5 drops Grapefruit essential oil

More recipes are available under ‘Face Toner’ / ‘Recipe to Nurture’ here.

4. Self-care treatment

It is nice to receive massage therapy time to time but I am an advocate of self-care treatment you do to yourself at home, every day because that is the only way to make it truly sustainable and effective. Learn some simple skills to unknot the stiffness on your body and get your blood circulation running throughout the day.

You can learn some self-care treatment here:

5. A cup of tea in between

Consider matcha green tea (powdered) to replace coffee. Matcha contains five times higher L-theanine than regular green tea. Theanine is known for its ability to increase alpha waves in the brain and promote calmness and alert concentration. Some studies show that theanine has a positive effect on the mind and improves memory by increasing dopamine levels.




*Global Wellness Trends2020

**”Lemon fragrance increases office efficiency” by The International Journal of Aromatherapy 1988

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