Homemade oatmeal bath product

Gentle & Effective Face Scrub

Especially for the beginners in this amazing homemade skincare world, this is one of the first recipes I recommend to try out – simple & easy formulation, familiar food ingredients, easy to mix & store, and most of all the efficacy of the product surely will get you hooked with the homemade skincare!

If you use no or very little make-up, this scrub can also replace your usual face cleanser. It not only cleanses, exfoliates, but also nurtures the skin – firsthand experience that the nature is versatile!

Ingredients (100 g or 1015 usage)

  • Japanese-inspired Skin Conditioning Cleanser 

Choose oat flakes, seeds and bran to suit your liking

40 g Oatmeal *Oatmeal makes a creamy paste, revealing a smooth, glowing complexion.

25 g White clay

25 g Soybean (Kinako powder)

10 g Azuki, finely ground

  • Antioxidant Rice and Orange Peel Cleanser 

45 g Oatmeal

25 g White clay

20 g Rice bran powder

10 g Orange peel, finely ground


  1. Make sure all ingredients are finely ground.

  2. Place all ingredients in a zip bag, seal, and shake well to blend.

  3. Store in a glass jar.


Try the following ingredients for various textures and efficacies.

  • Azuki: Conditioning and moisturising

  • Orange peel: Antioxidant

  • Raw almond: Exfoliating

  • Rice bran (komenuka): Moisturising and softening

  • Soybeans: Whitening and moisturising

How to Use

Place 1–2 tsp. of the powdered cleanser in a small bowl and add 2 tsp. of water, milk, or rice water. Stir to blend until a spreadable paste forms and allow to thicken for 1 minute. Apply the entire mixture to face, including the lips, and massage in circular motions. Leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing. Wipe the face with facial toner if preferred.

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