Gentle Castille Soap Face Wash

Complete your natural purification routine with this Gentle Castile Soap Face Wash. Simply adding castille soap with a homemade tincture easily creates an effective yet gentle wash for the face. 

Antioxidant Green Tea Wash 300ml 

Suitable for dry, mature, or pigmented skin, this wash helps combat the signs of ageing. It makes brown fine foam.

  • 200 ml Unscented liquid castille soap
  • 15 ml Green tea tincture (add 75 ml to almost boiling water to evaporate alcohol)
  • 1 tsp. Jojoba oil
  • 3 drops Frankincense essential oil

Gentle Lavender Wash 300ml  

Gentle and soothing; suitable for irritated or sensitive skin, even for teens.

  • 200 ml Unscented liquid castile soap
  • 90 ml Aloe vera juice
  • 1 tsp. Coconut oil
  • 2 drops Lavender essential oil


  1. Add the tincture or liquid gently to the castile soap.
  2. Add the vegetable oil. Then finally add the essential oil.
  3. Mix well and keep in dark-coloured soap dispenser, preferably pump foam.


Try the following vegetable oils for various textures and efficacies.

Coconut: Cleansing and moisturising; use max. 50% to prevent solidifying

Jojoba: Moisturising, healing, and softening; easily absorbed into the skin

Sweet almond: Moisturising and cleansing; smooth texture

One of the following tinctures may be added to enhance the efficacy of the product.

Pu’erh: For dull and tired skin

Yomogi: For acne and pigmentation

Alternatively, you can also add some liquid such as the following:

Aloe vera juice: Soothing and healing

Rose water: Soothing and cooling; suitable for acne or irritated skin

Choose your preferred essential oils for their powerful efficacies and pleasing scents.

Clary sage: For oily skin as it is balancing

German chamomile: For sensitive skin as it is healing

Jasmine: For dry and irritated skin

Myrrh: For mature skin (contraindicated during pregnancy)

How to Use

Store in a pump foaming soap dispenser to avoid excess use and shake well before each use. If not using a foaming soap dispenser, foam as fine bubbles as much as possible on your palm and gently move fingers on your face from bottom to top, left to right, in small circles.

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