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Facial Massage Your Skin Will Love

As I shared in my post Active Beauty, muscle tone is so important not just to keep us in shape but for overall health. But have you ever thought of your skin as a muscle that can be trained? Facial massage works as training and re-educating of the skin muscle just like exercise, and is proven to be one of the most effective ways to prevent aging-related skin conditions like fine lines and wrinkles.

And you will be so glad to know why your skin will LOVE daily facial massages:

Training the skin

Regular facial massage works to reinforce the skin’s natural protective mechanism and improve its suppleness. By training the skin to bring out its natural ability to glow, you will find that basic and simple make-up will be the best option.

‘Love me’ effect 

Massage is a well-studied natural treatment for many physical illnesses. A study at the University of Miami on premature babies found that babies who were stroked regularly gained weight 49% faster than did those of the same weight who were not stroked. Your home facial should also include the ears, neck and head as part of complete care for the upper body.

Natural and gentle detoxification

In Asia, we believe massage helps the body rid itself of disease, regain its inherent health, and ensure an on-going state of good health. Massage is not only for relaxation. This philosophy applies to facials as well. Through moderate frequent exercise and facial massage stimulation, we can encourage natural detoxification, train the muscle to combat the lazy sagging of the skin, and help to achieve a healthy complexion.

And there is a catch. In order to reap the anti-aging benefits of mini facials, it needs to be consistent. Having a facial once in awhile at your favourite spa will be a treat but will not give you lasting effects, just like exercising occasionally will not keep you at your physical best.

Now, massaging your skin every day may sound daunting at first. Especially in the morning, I know most of us would prefer a few extra minutes of shut eye. That is why, in my book, Beauty Confidential, along with over 100 natural ingredients and unlimited recipes to personalise your skin types, I shared these amazingly simple and super effective mini facial massages – it only takes a couple of minutes, so easy to master, and using homemade face massage oil, you can incorporate into your daily face wash or make-up. Promise, this can be an absolutely effortless daily ritual if you hang in just for several days to practice..

So, clean your face, stand in front of the mirror (and smile :)) and let’s get started!

Beauty Confidential Good Morning Massage

Good news is that this massage can be done while lying in bed, and doesn’t require any products. A good morning massage can become a part of your daily routine in no time. Plus, you will feel fresher when getting up because it helps to get the blood circulating in your body. Just repeat each movement 4-8 times.


  1. Wake up the body from toes to hands by moving your feet up and down. Open and shut hands.
  2. Stretch the arms and take a deep breath. Hold elbows and stretch to the opposite side.
  3. Place your calf on the knee of the opposite leg and gently stroke upwards and downwards. Open one leg, and using the heel on the other leg to massage the sole of feet.  Twist with one leg up.
  4. Gently press on 5 pressure points for 8 seconds each.  Use your middle fingers with mid to strong pressure – temples, head of eyebrows, below eyes, end of lips and below ears.

Beauty Confidential Good Night Facial

After cleaning of face, take an extra five minutes to prepare the skin for a good night’s sleep. This nightly massage makes a visible difference in the skin. Beyond the physical level, it is also a lovely daily ritual to pamper your skin. Start this massage by warming up 1 tablespoon of massage oil in your palms. Apply the oil to your face and neck. Using your middle fingers and the thick parts of your palms, massage with medium to strong pressure. Look straight into the mirror during this facial and repeat 3 times.



    1. Massage on both sides of the face from your temples, along the ears, and down to the lymph nodes on your neck. This will activate your lymphatic system.
    2. Using your middle fingers, press your chin for 5 seconds. Then, slide up above lips and gently circle around the nose.  Move up the centre of your nose, ending between the eyes.
    3. Repeat step 1.
    4. Step4

      Make a scissors shape using two fingers and slide up from the chin towards both ears. Hold for 8 seconds.

    5. Starting from both ends of lips slowly slide your palms up to your ears. Hold for 8 seconds
    6. Repeat step 1.
    7. Using your palms, start from the side of nose and slowly slide up around the cheek bones to the temple. Hold for 6 seconds.
    8. Step8

      Using middle fingers, press with moderate pressure the following points upwards and hold for 6 seconds in each point: eyes, nose, cheeks, eyebrows, under the eyes.

    9. Repeat step 1
    10. Gently stroke forehead vertically using your ring, middle, and pointer fingers.
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