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Can off-the-shelf products be 100% natural (and safe)?

There is a growing popularity today in “natural” and “organic” products in the beauty industry. We have long chosen “against animal testing” and “no paraben” beauty products, and it is not difficult to find “all natural” and “chemical free” products. So why even go through the trouble of making our own products in the kitchen?

The answer is that it is extremely unlikely that any off-the-shelf products can be 100% ‘natural’ – at least the way we define “natural”– biodegradable and no long-term, known or unknown threats to our health.

Here is why:

  1. Off-the-shelf products must have a long shelf-life. There is no truly natural preservative that can kill broad spectrum as effectively as synthetic chemicals.
  2. Often the objective of off-the-shelf products is their usability rather than their safety. Most ingredients found in nature are inferior to chemicals when it comes to usability, such as surfactant, preservatives, cleansing and forming abilities.
  3. This means they contain more ingredients, the majority of which are used to make the products look and feel luxurious, including colour, fragrance and surfactant.
  4. The main reason why the cosmetic industry chooses to use synthetic chemicals is because they are more cost effective.
  5. The second reason why the cosmetic industry chooses to use synthetic materials is for stability, as they contain no impurities, making them much easier to formulate.
  6. In contrast, naturally-derived materials differ in their chemical components and their efficacy depends on many factors like weather, soil, etc. It is simply too much of a hustle to handle.

Sadly, there is probably no major corporation or big business willing to work with 100% natural ingredients. It simply would not be feasible. Some experts say products that are 95% natural are more realistic.

That is why homemade products are the only option if you want 100% natural, safe and, even better, personalised, products.

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