Super Easy Homemade Skincare

Super Easy
Homemade Skincare

By Tomoka Y. Nguyen

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Format: eBook (pdf)

Wellness veteran and the author of “Beauty Confidential – Build Happiness, Health, and Beauty with Homemade Skincare Products and Home Spa” shares basic step-by-step information about how to create safe and natural homemade personal care products.

Beautifully illustrated throughout its pages, this book shares simple yet effective recipes for basic skincare and body & hair products using only safe and natural ingredients yet with proven efficacy.

You will learn to minimize your beauty regimen for efficiency, replace expensive serums and creams with homemade products, and save hundreds and thousands of dollars!

What's inside?


This chapter discusses the basic equipment you need to get started, as well as the importance of hygiene.


This chapter details the widely researched ingredients with proven efficacy when applied topically, that are also easily source-able: edible ingredients, essential oils, oils and clays.


This chapter covers the recipes for skincare essentials including make up remover, facial cleanser, daily rice cleanser, exfoliating cleanser, face mask, and face powder as well as sugar body scrub and hair.
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