Safe and Chemical-Free Skincare for Children Book

Safe and Chemical-Free Skincare for Children

By Tomoka Y. Nguyen


Format: eBook (pdf)

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The author of “Beauty Confidential – Build Happiness, Health, and Beauty with Homemade Skincare Products and Home Spa” and mother of two introduces safe and fun DIY skincare for parents and their children.

Beautifully illustrated throughout its pages, this book is a creation based on personal experiences by the author and her two daughters who learnt to make chemical-free personal care products. The book discusses the dangerous hidden chemicals in personal care products that negatively affect our long-term health and the environment.

Take the first step to educate your children about how to empower their own uniqueness through natural beauty product making.

What's inside?


This chapter discusses why the author urges you to start educating your children about synthetic chemicals in beauty products that affect our health and environment from a young age. It then goes on to cover the basic equipment you will need as well as the importance of hygiene when making products at home.


This chapter addresses widely researched ingredients that are particularly safe for children when applied topically, and easily sourced: edible ingredients, essential oils, oils & butters, and clays.


This chapter covers recipes that are fun to make and perfect for children’s everyday use – including tangerine lip balm, aloe & orange facial mist, natural face powder, natural make-up colors, hair care oil, body & hair wash, daily sunscreen, solid perfume, M&P (melt and pour) soap, and bath fizzies .


Imagine yourself a home spa and enjoy together with your friends. This chapter introduces the home spa concept for children to relax and have a meaningful spa-rty with massages and bathing rituals.
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