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I have a confession to make. I rarely exercised in my 20s and 30s!

But one day a friend encouraged me to take charge of my own health instead of turning to spa treatments and massages to cure my aches and pains. That was when I finally made the decision to incorporate a consistent exercise routine into my daily life. Ever since, I have taken exercise more seriously, and my beauty regimen moved too to a whole new level – inside out.

After some painful (but totally worth it) first few months, I slowly became accustomed to a new routine. I depended less and less on massages and pain killers. Exercise became my go to way to ease aches and pains. There is no doubt in my mind that exercise is the best natural and holistic treatment for stiff shoulders, back aches, and other minor physical issues.

Whether you are just getting started or are a seasoned fitness buff, I wanted to share the tips that helped me to stay focus and transform to a whole new me – happier & healthier!

  1. Mix it up

Most health professionals today recommend mixing cardio and weight training. Combine exercises to help build a strong core, tone, and increase cardiovascular endurance.

Slim down with weight training

  • Strengthens and tones muscles and bones
  • Increases blood supply to muscle tissues making you less vulnerable to injury
  • Helps to manage weight by raising your resting metabolic rate

Bottom line: the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate, the more calories you will burn throughout the day.

Sweat it out with Cardio

  • Improves the circulatory system
  • Helps blood cells deliver nourishing nutrients and oxygen throughout the body
  • Strengthens the heart and lungs

Bottom line: Cardio makes us sweat. When we sweat, our pores open and release the toxins that have built up inside of them.

  1. Slow but steady wins the race
  • Exercise should be customized depending on your physical fitness level.
  • If you haven’t exercised in a while start slowly. Incorporate light walking and build your way up.
  • Don’t compete against others. Compete against yourself. Everyone has different fitness levels.
  • Focus on staying fit and healthy every time you work out.

      3.  The Power of Deep Breathing

  • Exercise helps to bolster our mental wellbeing while reducing stress and anxiety.
  • A feeling of release and clarity is often reported after exercising. The secret is in the deep breathing.
  • Deep breathing increases oxygen intake, ridding the body of toxins and regaining a sense of calm.
  • Deep breathing helps to relieve fatigue, sleep disorders (read my other blog on sleep here), anxiety, and dizziness.
  • Breathing efficiently helps your body and clears your mind; improving concentration and reducing stress.

If you are upset or anxious, your breath may become quick and shallow. Through breathing exercises, you can control your breathing, which will restore a sense of calm.

Another beneficial aspect of exercise is that it enhances our self-esteem and contributes to mental well-being. Finally, self-esteem and physical self-perceptions are linked to motivation and persistence in person’s behaviors.

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.

Always remember to replenish the water that your body loses through sweating.

Water helps to control your body’s temperature and prevent overheating. Drink plenty of water 20 to 30 minutes before, throughout, and after your workouts.

Be active, be beautiful!

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