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A Guide to Clean and Tidy Cabinet for your Homemade Skincare Ingredients

Professional chefs will tell you that your kitchen cabinets have to be clean and tidy to fit to cook great food. Organizing your kitchen cabinets is quite different from organizing your shoe rack or wardrobe, simply because hygiene and shelf-life matter. Same goes for your homemade skincare cabinet.

A clean and tidy cabinet holds the key to successful homemade skincare making; when you find things easily and know exactly when each ingredient was purchased or made, product making process becomes much easier and you make fewer mistakes. And looking through neatly labelled tincture and colourful peel powder in pretty containers waiting to become amazing homemade skincare products will spur the alchemist in you who want to make more products.

Follow my step-by-step guide to get you to organize your cabinet:

1. Where to store the items

Find a space where you can store only skincare ingredients in one area,  without mixing with other items like food. The area should be airy and avoid direct sunlight to prevent any ingredients go rancid or oxidase quickly. It is a good idea to categorise the items so have racks or containers available.

Kitchen or bathroom cabinet may be ideal for this. I personally use half of my bathroom cabinets to store all the dry ingredients because there is less traffic in the bathroom than the kitchen which means it creates a better sense of control.

2.  What items to store

Based on many years of experiments and experience, we recommend 6 categories of ingredients for sustainable homemade skincare regiment;

1) oils

2) essential oils

3) hydrosol

4) clay

5) castile soap

6) wax and butter

Then we have some equipment and containers that are used exclusively to make skincare products (and not to mix with food).

They can be bulky and fragile (we recommend you use recyclable glass containers opposed to plastic. Read more here: ) and can be stored separately or together with the ingredients. Most important thing is that every after use each item is properly sanitised (read here about hygiene when making homemade skincare products) and thoroughly dried before been stored. Organize your equipment by the size so that it is easy to recover when you need the item.

3.  How to store the items

First, categorise your ingredients by using different coloured labels or different shape/size of containers so that it is easy to identify what each item is. Your label should have at least the name of the product and expiry or manufactured date.

Just like spa therapists practice, get into the habit of placing new items at the back, this way you will risk less to let the product expire.


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