5 ways to pamper your family with home spa

With social-distancing becoming the new normal, we crave for a simple touch of another human being more than ever. In Japanese language, to cure means to touch with hands, indeed a touch of someone, especially your loved ones have a profound healing effect on the body and mind.

A simple touch can soothe the pain and aches but also helps to build deeper connections with your loved ones. And simple homemade products will enhance the experience greatly.

1. Back, neck & shoulder scrub for him

After a morning run, the best pampering ritual for my husband is a good back scrub with his favourite salt scrub. Himalayan rock salt, known as the purest salt on earth is the main ingredients of this homemade product: it exfoliates the skin while detoxifying the body and healing the tired muscle. It leaves the skin moist and smells beautiful the whole day too.


1 cup Himalayan rock salt (fine)

½ cup Jojoba oil (alternatively Avocado oil is beneficial for matured skin and Sweet Almond oil is a good option)

1 capsule vitamin E (not necessary if using Jojoba as it is a natural antioxidant)

25 drops Vetiver (earthy and toning and firming of the skin while grounding effect on the mind. It is an earthy scent which appeals to many men.)

15 drops Sandalwood (cooling and moisturizing for the skin while relaxing for the mind)

10 drops each Eucalyptus (purifying and cleansing) and Lemon (uplifting, energizing)

How to:

  1. In the shower, after a quick rinse, apply a generous amount of salt scrub on his back, neck and shoulders and rub vigorously making circles.
  2. Give him some neck and shoulder massage at the same time.
  3. Rinse with warm water, pad dry.



2. Fun and relaxing bath for children

The Japanese traditionally value the home spa through daily bathing rituals but it isn’t always easy to let children sit in a hot bath for long enough to enjoy the amazing health and emotional benefits bathing ritual can have. Creating homemade bath fizzy does the amazing right from the start of blending to the end of using it!


1.5 cups Baking soda

1 cup Citric acid

1/2 cup Arrowroot powder or corn starch

1 /4 cup Skim milk (powder)

2 tsp Coconut oil

2tsp Jojoba oil

A choice of natural colourant in powder: Pink clay, beetroot powder, green clay, banana powder, cocoa powder are some gentle and nourishing ingredients to try.

Up to 100 drops of essential oils*

*For children, chose safe essential oils such as lavender, German chamomile, sweet orange and use no more than 1% of the total ingredients. Read more about essential oil here.

How to:

1. Mix all the dry ingredients including the natural colourant in a mixing bowl and blend well by hand to make sure no chunks are left.

2. Heat coconut oil till it just melts, then cool it down till it starts to harden. Add jojoba oil.

3.  Pour the oils into the dry mix slowly and mix well. Add more oil or baking soda to adjust so that it holds together.

4.  Scoop the mixture into the cookie mould or cling film to make shapes.

5.  Allow to dry out for 10-15 minutes before removing the bath fizzy gently.

6.  Allow them to dry in the cool airy area for 5-8 hours or overnight before using.


3. Good night hand & foot massage for children

Massage is a well-studied natural treatment for many illnesses. In Asia, we believe massage helps the body rid itself of disease, regain its inherent health and ensure an on-going state of good health and not mere relaxation. That is why it is widely practised amongst families (my grandmother used to give me the best back massage), and children enjoy gentle stroke especially before falling asleep.

Blending your massage oil is so simple yet the best way to personalise especially for children.


20ml Jojoba oil or see other alternatives to suit your needs here.

5 drops of essential oils*

*As mentioned above, lavender, german chamomile, sweet orange are some of the safe oil for children

How to:

Apply a little amount of oil on your palm and warm it up.

Make long gentle stroke at the back of feet to legs, hands to arms.


4.  Haircare treatment for her

Her hair might be the last thing in her mind for a woman, whether with children or with a partner, who is busy looking after everybody else. When head spa and hair salon seems so far away, this simple recipe can save your luscious hair as it treats the scalp to stimulate circulation and aids in balancing sebum production, and sure to make you feel and look great.


100 ml Avocado oil

30 ml Jojoba oil

20ml Coconut oil

15 drops Rosemary

10 drops Basil

5 drops Lemon

5 drops Peppermint

5 drops Lavender

5 drops Bergamot

How to:

  1. Mix all the oils in a bottle
  2. Add the essential oils
  3. Shake the formula and blend all ingredients

On dry hair, massage in the oil thoroughly to cover the entire scalp. Massage the hair through to the tips. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes, or overnight. Shampoo afterwards as necessary.


5.  Revitalising face scrub and mask for her

When finally everybody else goes to sleep, the long-waited me-time starts. A nourishing, all in one face scrub/mask can be pre-blended in a larger quantity ready for use by mixing with liquid. It will cleanse the skin effectively revealing soft and intensely hydrated skin.



Ingredients (100g for 5-10 times use)

50g White clay

50g Rice bran powder

1tsp Rice bran oil per usage

How to

  1. Place 1-2 tsp of powdered mask in a small bowl and add 2 tsp of water, milk or rice water.
  2. Stir to blend until spreadable paste forms, and allow this paste to thicken 1 minute.
  3. Apply the entire mixture to face by gently making a circle to exfoliate. Leave until it almost dries out (8-10 minutes) before rinsing.



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