3 Key Decisions to Make for Sustainable Natural Beauty

When I first started making my own personal care products in my kitchen, I faced a fair number of challenges. I needed to rearrange my kitchen and study room to partially convert them into work space, while searching for suppliers online and locally to collect some basic ingredients.

But the main challenge was to convince myself to stay away from those tempting beauty products of which I was once an advocate. Temptation came from all directions – through advertisements on the streets, magazines and radio to friend’s facebook posts and girl talk over drinks! These ‘miracle potions’ that remove pigments and correct imperfections felt too tempting at a time when images of beautiful models with flawless skin are all around us, and made me wonder if all the hassle of making my own products could simply be replaced by one magical elixir.

And yes, I did give in to 1 or 2 of those bottles, only to come back right where I started: this was the journey of a real detox from those beauty potions and the power of their marketing.

I now realise, after having completely detoxified from commercial products and having seen the unexpected results, that I can summarise in 3 key points what has led me to the sustainable natural beauty that I am now happy with:

1) I take charge of my own beauty rather than leaving it to big businesses

One of the greatest things about homemade products, at least the way I instruct others about them, is that they show you how to listen to your skin in a way you never have before. Our external environment, monthly cycles and lifestyle all affect our skin, and understanding these changes will help you formulate your very own recipes. This process is so revealing and empowers you to take control over your own beauty!

2) I embrace my unique beauty

Surely converting to homemade products takes some extra effort. But the bottom line is that you make decision to embrace your unique beauty and to say no to the definitions big businesses impose on us about what is or is not beautiful.

3) I’d rather have slow, long-term improvement than quick, short-term results

Realise that we live in a world of technology and gadgets that give us instant gratification. Some of the biggest catch phrases in beauty advertisements are things like “flawless skin in 48 hours,” “instant whitening effect,” “look 10 years younger in 7 days”.. Not only have I come to experience that is no such thing as instant beauty, but if it ever does, it comes at a high cost to our health and environment.

Learning to be patient and have the courage to go against the latest trends will set your attitude towards long-term beauty that nobody can take away from you.  

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